Angry Petes Pizza

Angry Petes Pizza

San Diego's Only Authentic Detroit Style Pizza
3 (8)
Ravioli Bolognese Pizza

Cheese filled raviolis, DiNapoli Bolognese sauce & baby basil on our 4 cheese blend Detroit Style Pizza

Faygo Pop

23oz Big Bottles of Detroit's finest Pop!
Choice of:
Rock & Rye
Cotton Candy
Vanilla Creme Soda

Coney Dog Pizza

Thin sliced Koegel's coney frank, Koegel's coney sauce, yellow mustard & minced onions on our Detroit Style Pizza

Double American Smashburger 

2 Smashed burgers, bun, American cheese, caramelized onions, 1000 Island; Add fries + 3

Fantastic Five Fine Cheese Blend

Grande Mozzarella, Creamery Wisconsin brick, Grande provolone, fresh grated Grande parmesan, Stracciatella di bufala, DiNapoli fire roasted pizza sauce & baby basil

Pizza Margherita di Detroit

Fresh Grande fior di latte ciliegine mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, DiNapoli fire roasted pizza sauce, baby basil

Hella Hot Habanero Honey

Sweet & spicy habanero infused honey, perfect for pizza, chicken wings, BBQ sauce, grilled meats, chicken, fish, fried rice, popcorn & anything you like to add a sweet & spicy kick

Flaming Hot Cheeto Street Corn Pizza

Corn, Tapatio crema, cotija cheese, guajillo chili powder, Cheetos, lime & cilantro on our Detroit Style Pizza

Bacon Mac & Jack Cheese Pizza

Applewood smoked bacon, creamy Mac & jack cheese, scallions

Ezzo SS Pepperoni

We ONLY serve the best pepperoni: Ezzo Supreme Special pepperoni, DiNapoli fire roasted pizza sauce & baby basil on our 4 cheese blend Detroit Style Pizza

Classic Detroit Coney Dog

Koegel's coney frank, bun, Koegel's coney sauce, yellow mustard, minced onions

Lions Tigers & Wolverines Pizza

Savage Carnivores: Italian sausage, Applewood smoked bacon, sliced & diced pepperoni & DiNapoli pizza sauce on our 4 cheese blend Detroit Style Piz

Detroit Style LooseBurger

Ground beef (sloppy Joe style), hot dog bun, Koegel's coney sauce, mustard, onions

Animal Style Cheeseburger Pizza

Ground beef, caramelized onions, American cheese, pickle relish, special spread, lettuce & cherry tomatoes on our Detroit Style Pizza

Faygo Pop

23oz Bottles: Cotton Candy, Vanilla Creme Soda, Pineapple-Orange, Redpop, Cola, Pineapple, Peach, Blueberry-Raspberry, Orange,

Better Made Chips

Detroit's finest potato chips made better by Better Made! Choice of:
Mini Pretzels
Honey BBQ
Red Hot BBQ
Sweet Heat BBQ
Salt & Vinegar

Lions, Tigers & Wolverines

Carnivores Delight: pepperoni, Applewood smoked bacon, ground beef, DiNapoli pizza sauce, baby basil

Angry Petes Pizza is selected as one of the top local producers of San Diego
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