Atypical Waffle

Pearl Sugar Dough-Based Waffles / No Eggos here
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Brown Sugared Bacon, with goat cheese, and smashed Avocado


Side of Smoked Bacon


Hot Turkey Breast, Smoked Mozzarella, Red Peppers, Arugula, & Mayo (Yes, this is a waffle sandwich).


Good for 7-10 days just sitting on your counter top; otherwise, feel free to freeze them.


4 Classic Liege Waffles, with 2 sides of Whipped Cream and 2 sides of Nutella


2 x #7's, plus 1 Mini Fresh n Light, and 2 x Mini Nutella (AKA 2 of our best sellers and 3 mini's for your kiddos)


2 x Nutella Chocolate Lovers Waffles, 2 x Fresh n Light Waffles (AKA 4 dessert waffles)


8 Liege Waffles (6 classic, 2 chocolate infused), 8 sides of house whipped cream, and 8 sides of fresh fruit


House-made whipped cream and berries


Nutella Spread, Strawberries, House Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle.


1 x #7
1 x Chicken n Waffle
1 x Fresh and Light
Perfect for a couple who wants 2 savory and a sweet one to share =)


By Superfoods and Company
Passion fruit and Elderberry


Crunchy Cookie Butter & Jackie's Jam (flavors rotate)


Bite-size for snacking - good for 10 days on your counter top!


Dough-based, pearl sugared waffle, based out of Belgium where they snack on these simple waffles all day long.


Boneless Chicken Fritters, with Green Onion, House bacon-bits, and House Spicy Aioli


Plain Greek Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, & Honey

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