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Apr 01, 2020

Meet the Food App that's 100% Pro-Restaurant

If you're a restaurant owner or manager you know the major food apps (GrubPostDashUber) take ridiculous commissions, use the money to capture YOUR customers, and then shield customer identities from you (denying you opportunity to provide customer service, much less sell to those customers in the future).

This positions GrubPostDashUber to further strip-mine restaurants via pay-per-click advertising, self-serving promotions ("free" delivery, costing restaurants even higher commissions), and creating competitor "ghost brands" designed to take large bites out of the restaurant industry.

Bottom line: restaurants are subsidizing billion dollar transportation companies who pivoted into food to offset losses and are capturing your customer base. It's unsustainable for local food businesses, and downright unfriendly.

TakeIn is different. We (TakeIn) value local food culture and community. Our mission is helping entrepreneurs build economically sustainable local food businesses that support families and enrich communities. We do so by creating a marketplace that's designed to help local restaurants and food businesses flourish. Here's the details.

  • Zero percent (0%) commissions. 100% Free. Not even credit card fees (it's our cost of business, not yours). Tips go to restaurant staff. As they should for the work involved with fulfilling delivery orders.
  • Real customer acquisition. On TakeIn you meet, engage, and market to your customers.
  • Fast Pay. Get paid within 48 hours. GrubPostDashUber holds your money for a week or more so they can "float" it and earn interest on it.
  • You control promotions. We build e-commerce tools for you to use to grow your business. TakeIn is e-commerce built for local food to go beyond on-demand delivery.
  • Flexible menus. Change your menu when you want. Easy and fast to add daily specials, 86 items, and create custom products for customers.
  • Professional Delivery. TakeIn integrates with some of the best transportation companies in the country, and if customers want delivery they -- not restaurants -- pay for it.
  • Easy to implement. Free tablet, POS integration, or order notification by phone. And zero ($0) activation fees.

TakeIn is building a consumer community that values local food culture and community and understands that how consumers choose to interact with food affects its future. It's easy and free to signup with TakeIn. We'll load your menus, build your profile, and teach you how to utilize our e-commerce tools so you can build your business and make it happen.