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Post delivery message

We have added a feature to send a custom message to your customer post delivery.  This is a great opportunity to thank you customer, make a connection and invite them to order again. 

Manage your Condiments and Save Cost with TakeIn

To help your restaurant with cost, TakeIn have added the feature that allows you to charge for condiments or make them available upon request. 

TakeIn Report: Customer Orders

Now you can see reports of Daily Orders and Orders by Customers. Make sure to send a Thank You message to your loyal customers!

How to add new food products to sell in TakeIn

We put together a quick video to show how easy to add your new products to TakeIn. Just enter a food name, description, prices, optionally set the menu. Then upload the food photos and make it available in TakeIn. That's it.

Hug Thai Express is launched at TakeIn

We are excited to have Huh Thai as part of TakeIn family. View detail the profile

Say "Thank You" to your customers.

Take a moment and send a short "Thank You" message to your customer.

Configurable Service Fee Rates

In order to support our local businesses we (TakeIn) decided to lower the pickup service fees to 5%.

Meet the Food App that's 100% Pro-Restaurant

If you're a restaurant owner or manager you know the major food apps (GrubPostDashUber) take ridiculous commissions, use the money to capture YOUR customers, and then shield customer identities from you (denying you opportunity to provide customer service, much less sell to those customers in the...