Paleo Treats

Paleo Treats

We make Paleo desserts, snacks, and staples.
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Mac Attack

A paleo macaroon built for coconut lovers!

If coconut to excess is your preferred means of satisfying a sweet tooth, these delicious paleo macaroons were custom made for you. A la

Brownie Bomb

These are the paleo brownies you've been looking for! Decadent flourless chocolate cake taste, these are dense, rich, and moist brownies. Each Brownie Bomb is 2 servings; yes, the


Thug Cakes are cake-in-a-jar vegan options for when you want that cheesecake taste and still want to eat clean.

Cacao Now

When you need dark chocolate, you need it NOW!

Chocolate, fruit, and nut bar. Absolutely delicious.

The virtue of these paleo chocolate bars is the twin luxury of clean ingredie


This is an espresso brownie, made from our Brownie Bomb base and then capped with a rich layer of dark, honey-sweetened chocolate. If you've ever loved an espresso brownie, this i


This low carb extravagance is keto friendly and has an almond butter base with a top layer of pure chocolate lightly sweetened with honey.

Stop that peanut butter chocolate cup cr

Mustang Bar

The Mustang Bar is our best seller; it satisfies both the discriminating foodie and the brand-new-to-paleo convert. These are a mix between paleo granola and paleo candy, and while

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